Amanda & Blake are getting married November 3rd, 2018

"If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing."
1 Corinthians 13:2


Bryan Jordan Best Man, Brother of the Groom

Bryan is my older (and only) brother, and like most older siblings, he was probably the biggest source of my childhood troubles. Being six years apart meant we grew up in mostly separate phases from each other, yet he always managed to relate to me, challenge me, and give me someone to look up to. While we have differing opinions on the 'fun' of spending 16 long hours in the hot sun fishing 60 miles offshore, I'm pretty amazed when I look back at all the fun we had growing up together and all the ways he influenced who I am today.

Though Bryan graduated from the University of Florida, and his wife from Georgia, they’re both slowly accepting the fact that their daughter is a future Clemson Tiger at heart.

John Pyatt Groomsman

John was probably the second person I met after moving to Clemson in 2002, and I think our friendship started out with me riding to some random party in his "under construction" yellow Miata. Ever since then we've fueled each other's terrible purchasing habits on technology, cars, movie collections, and probably countless other things we now regret. Despite all the money we've wasted together, I've been fortunate to call him a close friend (and roommate/neighbor) for almost half of my life.

Fun fact: we once bought a combined ten (or was it twelve?) HD-DVD players and then proceeded to give them out as Christmas gifts in an attempt to help the format win over Blu-Ray. See what I mean about regrets?

Josh Domingo Groomsman

My sophomore year at Clemson started out living in an apartment with John and a couple of his friends that I had only met a few times - Josh and Shawn. Our apartment number was 180A, and that's a number we still reference often as our best living arrangement and most fun year at Clemson. If you asked me to list out some of my craziest memories from Clemson, Josh is probably the reason behind most of them. I mean, what could possibly go wrong putting bottle rockets in a toilet anyway?

If you ever get the chance, ask Josh about the time I blocked his future wife from coming in our apartment (uninvited) at 2am one morning. Good times.

Shawn McKeever Groomsman

Shawn closes us out as the final 180A roommate and my final groomsman. Of all the memories I have with Shawn over the years, my favorite is probably all the times we'd walk out of our rooms in the middle of the day and play a game of caps. The last thing I'll mention is Shawn's loyalty to his friends, and for anyone who knows him this might be the most impressive example: he's got Clemson football season tickets, and is skipping the home game against Louisville this year to show up at my wedding (at least I hope he is).

Oh and whatever claims he may make to the contrary, we both know who the real 180A caps champion always was.


Katie Bonsall Maid of Honor, Sister of the Bride

Choosing Katie as my MOH was a no-brainer, and not because she’s my sister! There is nobody who knows me better, shares my sense of humor, or likes the same weird and nerdy things that I do. Know every song to the Camp Rock soundtrack? We do! When I say that I live with my sister, people often respond “whoa! I could never live with my sister/brother…we would fight all the time!” Luckily, we can’t really relate to that! Katie is the person with whom I feel closest, get along with the best, and enjoy hanging out. Also, she’s the best kitty auntie in the whole world. I’m so grateful for who she is, and I can’t wait for her to stand by me on the big day!

Ashley Wyndham Bridesmaid

INTRODUCING….DJ Nana Puddin’! I was immediately drawn to Ashley’s kindness, her sense of humor, and her adorable awkwardness (I mean that in absolutely the most endearing way). If you know Ashley, then you know how incredibly funny, clever, and freakin’ awesome she is. You also know that this entire post about her should be read in some random accent because…Ashley. Getting to know her over the past 2-ish years has been such a valuable blessing in my life, and I am so, so thankful for her.

Diana Rowe Bridesmaid

Folks, meet one of my favorite people on the planet! She’s kind, hilarious, and generous, and I am so blessed that this girl is one of my best friends. We can go weeks without chatting and months without seeing one another, and the moment we do, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We’re so close that we like know each other’s middle names...crazy, right? I LOVE this girl, y’all, even though she makes fun of me saying things like “y’all.” We promise not to get drunk at the wedding and break some sort of noise violation.

Hanna Nunnery Bridesmaid

“Friend” doesn’t really justify who Hanna is to me – she’s family. We’ve been best friends since 5th grade and have been through so many milestones together since. Hanna’s home feels like my home, which is such a strong testament to the relationship we have – and I am so thankful to have such a loyal, caring, and supportive friend in my life. I’ve loved watching her and her family grow into the beautiful life she has now, and I couldn’t imagine walking through this season of my life without her by my side!

Jenna McCullar Bridesmaid

You guys, I may be marrying the man of my dreams, but Jenna is totally my soul mate. When the stars aligned and we ended up in the same suite at AU, the most beautiful friendship I could have asked for was born. Jenna is the most selfless, considerate, and thoughtful person I am so incredibly blessed to know. There are so many examples in our friendship that highlight all of those traits, and I could not be more grateful for her. I got to be the only person at her wedding, and I am so honored to have her by my side at mine.

Kelly Mobley Bridesmaid

Kelz! If you don’t know this fierce, loyal, and passionate girl, you are missing out! My gf for life, and one of the kindest and most fearless people I know. Kelly is yet another friend who feels more like family (I’m a lucky girl, y’all), and I absolutely adore the person she is. The way she loves people and loves life is beautiful and inspiring. Getting married is going to be so fun with her there with me – and I am so grateful to have her!

Payton Pinson Bridesmaid

Friends, this is the beautiful Payton Pinson! She’s funny, smart, and a freaking JOY to be around. I love her energy, the way she loves other people, and how she sees all the good in the world! I can’t wait to see the bright future in store for this girl – and witness how she changes the world around her while she’s at it. But for now, I’m so excited to share my dream wedding day with her! *cueing all the tears right now*

Madeline Pinson Bridesmaid

Meet the other gorgeous Pinson sister, you guys! I absolutely adore this girl – she’s creative, smart, funny, and her brows are always on fleek, y’all. Seriously – she gives me brow goals on the reg. But seriously, Madeline is a light in the world, and I am so pumped to watch her CRUSH the rest of her senior year, college, and all the fun milestones she has ahead of her! I also can’t wait for her to be with me for this particular milestone of mine!

Renee Beam Bridesmaid

My bestie! Everyone needs a “person” and folks, she’s mine…the Meredith to my Christina! From elementary school, all the way to college, Renee has been my rock. She makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, supports me unconditionally, and encourages me whenever I need it! My life would be incomplete without her, and I can’t wait to watch our families, our friendship, and our futures develop!

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Bridal Party

We’ll be celebrating with our family and close friends for both ceremony and reception at Harbour Club in downtown Charleston. Harbour Club is a beautiful venue, rich with history and traditional southern style. Join us on the rooftop terrace for our ceremony proceedings and then head down to the banquet hall for dinner, drinks, and dancing!

35 Prioleau Street
Charleston, SC 29401

festivities | Saturday November 3, 2018

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